Notes taken to the iPhone

Massimo Mangialavori has undertaken the huge project to share his deep experience about the 500 most interesting homeopathic remedies in a 5 year seminar taking place once a month as an internet webinar.

Massimo Mangialavori has grouped the remedies into families that share common homeopathic symptoms. He covers one such family in every episode.

To have this information readily accessible to study, recall or even look up during a consultation, I decided to give my webinar notes some structure and to make them available as an iPhone "app".

Select a remedy, then flip right or left in list

ee-to-go starts with a plain remedy list

To get to a remedy faster, tap its initial in the right hand index.

A button bar at the bottom takes you to the families or to about, the help and update pages.

Family entry screen Fabaceae

Each remedy screen has 4 tabs:.


Detail information

Repertory add.

Cases, literature and audio.

Flip from remedy to remedy with an intuitive finger gesture.

Easily move from remedies to families and their members

The button in the upper right takes you to the family (here from Calendula to the Asteracea). On the family screen, the button in the same position ("Remedies") takes you to all discussed members of this family. First to a list, then to the remedy pages where you can flip back and forth through all members.

The button in the upper left takes you back always.

Easy access to all presented cases

If you need the original words:

Massimo's cases are just a tap away

Reading the case provides deeper insight into a remedy. The full case texts pop up in a separate screen.

To broaden your view, call up Wikipedia from the link provided.

Search for any word - anywhere

There's even a simple search in ee-to-go.

Enter "pain" and it will return you pain, painful, painless and painkiller - in separate lists for remedies and families.

Tap one and it opens another screen with all the remedies found, sorted by the number of occurences.